Cormanthyr Updates

Session #1
The group took on the mission of clearing Semberholme of evil influences. They cleared out the forge and livestock area of drow, although they sent 1 survivor back to spread the word that Semberholme is now off-limits. This drow was a member of the T’sarren clan of Maerimydra, a small city in the Underdark with an entrance in grid number O-23, not far from Semberholme. House T’sarren is at war with House Aleghym, although it has not yet degenerated into open warfare.

They also destroyed six Sembian looters in the Leafgreen tree home and an entire pack of gnolls in the Miritar tree home. There was 1 survivor from the Sembians; he was sent back to Ordulin to deliver the same message that the drow received.

Sessions #2 & #3
Continued to clear Semberholme of intruders.

Session #4
Baelyn, Caellian, and Teldrin finished clearing the tree homes of Semberholme. Very little of value was recovered, save for a Long Sword +2 and 2 spells inscribed on thin (1mm) mithral plate. The spells have either been copied or used multiple times without loss.
Ahmara and Dethari’tahl cleared the area around Semberholme, making contact with a family of gold elves (Mistrivvin) and a patrol of blue elves (Merynth). They aided a clan of pixies in regaining their oak tree. They also killed 2 ghouls, some goblins, an owlbear and a Sembian necromancer who was raising skeletons from elven graveyards.
When the dust settled, Luvon Greencloak and Alok Silverspear were waiting. There was much feasting and celebration far into the night. Luvon rewarded the characters as follows:
o Ahmara – a Candle of Invocation
o Baelyn – a Candle of Invocation
o Caellian – 2 diamond arrows +4
o Dethari’tahl – Ring of Wizardry that doubles 1st and 2nd level spells
o Teldrin – Ring of Wizardry that doubles 1st and 2nd level spells
The PC’s promised financial support. Livestock must be purchased, as well as seeds for crops. Most importantly, elves need to return to help in the reconstruction and defense.
Luvon and Alok agreed to stay in Semberholme “for a time”. Most of the group are leaning towards Lake Sember as the next destination, but want input from all.

Session #5
Everyone met with Corithlyn Merynth, leader of the aquatic elves in Lake Sember. They saw a red dragon who the elves called Thraxata fly away towards the west where she is rumored to lair. They also met Sunsettalithanz, the bronze wyrm who watches over the blue elves. She told them the story of the Darkwatch – how it was once a thriving elven city called Tsornyl, but was destroyed by the fall of Moander the Corrupter. High elven magic sealed him inside the earth, but as usual, his rotting influence has weakened the wards.
They traveled to Hunter’s Down and met the baelnorn who live there. They received gifts and some advice.
From there, they were Teleported to the tower of Isaac Kalder, an evil human mage who became a spectre after his death. They destroyed him and his minions and were rewarded by Sunset.
A total of 14,669.80gp was donated to Luvon for the Elven Court.

Session #6
After consulting with Luvon, the group headed to Moonrise Hill where they met with the clan leaders. There are only 45 elves in the settlement, with 13 families represented (though some only by a single member).
They traveled to Bristar to investigate the lack of communication from that village. They discovered a mid-sized fishing town – completely deserted. They met a satyr named Malagorn who is fascinated by the disappearance of the townsfolk.
The dual temple of Sehanine (moon) and Labelas (time) contains a teleporter to some underwater caves in the nearby lake. These were held by kuo-toa fishmen until the group cleared them out.
They returned to Bristar and explored the temple, discovered Sehanine’s altar where they received moonstone arrows +1, and later found a small library.
The entire Seldarine (elven pantheon) appeared before the group and gifted them with ioun stones and Arrows of Demon Slaying. They vanished without asking for anything.
The remainder of Bristar still needs exploring.

Session #7
Dethari made an offering to Labelas and received an Elixir of Youth.
Ahmara and Dethari explored much of Bristar with the satyr Malagorn’s help. They were attacked by a chimera, a gorgon and an ankheg (one at a time, thankfully). They recovered a few potions, some mage scrolls, Dust of Appearance (x15!), and several gems and pieces of jewelry.
One piece stands out – a silver death mask (for a human) hundreds of years old. It is obviously of elven design and manufacture.



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